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My Contributions: https://dmowiki.com/Special:Contributions/Ririo
'''My links to other social networks: '''
[https://rikudosannin.tumblr.com Tumblr]
[https://twitter.com/OfficialRikudo Twitter]
[https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005937495387 Facebook]
[https://steamcommunity.com/id/rikudo_sannin1 Steam]
If you want to help improve the wiki, then '''donate Crowns''' or '''Teras''' me on the archives and digimon eggs
'''My Edit Page:'''
Edit https://dmowiki.com/Stingmon so that the link to Paildramon (Jogress) works
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Ornismon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Vikemon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/MetalGarurumon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Z%27dGarurumon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/WarGreymon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Puppetmon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/AncientTroiamon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/VenomMyotismon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/MaloMyotismon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Arkadimon_(Mega)
Added Rank and Riding for https://dmowiki.com/Dynasmon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Seraphimon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/ShadowSeraphimon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Gulfmon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Piedmon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/ChaosPiedmon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Parasimon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Crusadermon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Dorugoramon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Boltmon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/GranKuwagamon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Gallantmon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Gallantmon_(Crimson_Mode)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/HerculesKabuterimon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/TyrantKabuterimon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Sakuyamon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Kuzuhamon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/HiAndromon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Craniamon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Marsmon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Anubismon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/TigerVespamon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Cherubimon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Cherubimon_(White)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Minervamon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/MirageGaogamon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/MirageGaogamon_(Burst_Mode)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Dorugoramon_(X-Antibody_System)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Rosemon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Rosemon_(Burst_Mode)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Ravemon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Ravemon_(Burst_Mode)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/KingEtemon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/BlackMegaGargomon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/PrinceMamemon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Shoutmon_(Mega)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Dorulumon_(Mega)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Ballistamon_(Mega)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Silphymon_(Jogress)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Shakkoumon_(Jogress)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/MetalEtemon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Imperialdramon_(Dragon_Mode)(Jogress)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Neptunemon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/KingChessmon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/QueenChessmon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/MegaGargomon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Diablomon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Armageddemon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Gryphonmon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/BigMamemon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/DinoTigermon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/DinoTigermon_(X-Antibody_System)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Zanbamon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Argomon_(Mega)
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Pukumon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/SkullMammothmon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Murmukusmon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/GrandisKuwagamon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Jijimon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/Barbamon
Added Rank for https://dmowiki.com/TigerVespamon_(X-Antibody_System)
Edited and added information about https://dmowiki.com/Shoutmon_X2
Edited and added information about https://dmowiki.com/Shoutmon_X3
Added Magnamon item to riding list: https://dmowiki.com/Riding_Mode
Edited and added information about https://dmowiki.com/Hawkmon
Edit https://dmowiki.com/Agumon_(Classic)
Edit https://dmowiki.com/Bearmon
Edit https://dmowiki.com/Guilmon
Edit https://dmowiki.com/Salamon
Edit https://dmowiki.com/Patamon
Edit https://dmowiki.com/Gabumon
Edit https://dmowiki.com/CresGarurumon
Added New Stats for https://dmowiki.com/Hagurumon
Added New Stats for https://dmowiki.com/Betamon
Added New Stats for https://dmowiki.com/MechaNorimon
Added New Stats for https://dmowiki.com/Megadramon
Added New Stats for https://dmowiki.com/Machinedramon
Added New Stats for https://dmowiki.com/Chaosdramon
Added New Stats for https://dmowiki.com/Seadramon
Added New Stats for https://dmowiki.com/MegaSeadramon
Added New Stats for https://dmowiki.com/MetalSeadramon
Added New Stats for https://dmowiki.com/GigaSeadramon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/DemiDevimon (Devimon Line)
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/VenomMyotismon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/MaloMyotismon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/DexDorugamon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/DexDoruGreymon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/BlackAgumon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/DarkTyrannomon
Added New Stat https://dmowiki.com/MetalTyrannomon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Machinedramon (Black Agumon)
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Kudamon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Reppamon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Chirinmon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Kentaurosmon
Added New Stats and Skill https://dmowiki.com/Arkadimon_(Rookie)
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Arkadimon_(Champion)
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Arkadimon_(Ultimate)
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Arkadimon_(Mega)
Added New Stats and Skill https://dmowiki.com/Candlemon
Added New Stats and Skill https://dmowiki.com/Wizardmon
Added New Stats and Skill https://dmowiki.com/Mystimon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Dynasmon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Monodramon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Strikedramon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Cyberdramon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Armadillomon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Ankylomon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Shakkoumon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Vikemon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Gazimon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Devidramon
Added New Stats and Skill https://dmowiki.com/Mephismon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Gulfmon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/CommanDramon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/SealsDramon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/TankDramon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/DarkDramon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Shoutmon (Rookie), (Champion), (Ultimate), (Mega)
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Ballistamon (Rookie), (Champion), (Ultimate), (Mega)
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Dorulumon (Rookie), (Champion), (Ultimate), (Mega)
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Shoutmon_X2
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Shoutmon_X3
Updated Stats for https://dmowiki.com/CresGarurumon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Dracmon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Sangloupmon
Added New Stats and Skills https://dmowiki.com/Matadormon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/GranDracmon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Renamon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Kyuubimon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Taomon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Sakuyamon
Added New Stats https://dmowiki.com/Kuzuhamon
Updated New Stats, Skill and added Rank for Tanemon
Updated skills for Gazimon (non jog) evo line
Updated skills for Biyomon evo line
Updated skills for Drimogemon evo line
Updated skills for CommanDramon evo line
Updated skills for Dracmon evo line
Updated skills for Renamon evo line
Updated skills for Monodramon evo line
Updated skills for Patamon (non jog) evo line
Updated skills for Arkadimon evo line
Updated skills for Hawkmon (non jog) evo line
Updated skills for Dorumon (ReptileDramon) evo line
Updated skills for Kudamon evo line
Updated skills for Impmon evo line
Updated skills for DemiDevimon (Myotismon) evo line
Updated skills for Ryudamon evo line
Updated skills for Agumon (2006 anime) evo line
Updated stats and skills for Agumon (Classic) evo line
Updated skills for Gabumon evo line
Updated skills for Dorumon (Dorugamon) evo line
Updated stats and skills for Palmon (Woodmon) evo line
Updated skills for Hagurumon (MechaNorimon) evo line
Updated skills for DemiDevimon (Soulmon) evo line
Updated stats for Growlmon and WarGrowlmon
Updated Attacker Type for Baihumon and Baihumon (Mega)
Updated Attacker Type for Craniummon
Updated Attacker Type for Betamon and GigaSeadramon
Updated Attacker Type for Garurumon, WereGarurumon, MetalGarurumon, Z'dGarurumon and X Antibody Evo Line
Updated Attacker Type for Salamon, MagnaDramon, Goatmon, Ophanimon, LadyDevimon
Updated Attacker Type for Millenniumon
Updated Attacker Type for AeroVeedramon, Paildramon, Yasyamon, Imperialdramon (Dragon Mode)
Updated Attacker Type for Belphemon (Sleep Mode)
Updated Attacker Type for BlackGarurumon, BlackWereGarurumon, BlackMetalGarurumon
Updated Attacker Type for Cherubimon (Vice), Turuiemon
Updated Attacker Type for Grademon and Grademon X
Updated Attacker Type for DexDorugamon, Dexmon and X Antibody Evo Line
Updated Attacker Type for GinRyumon, HisyaRyumon and X Antibody Evo Line
Updated Attacker Type for Armadillomon, Ankylomon, Shakkoumon, Vikemon, Submarimon
Updated Attacker Type for Zhuqiaomon evo line
Updated Attacker Type for Shurimon, Halsemon
Updated Attacker Type for SuperStarmon
Updated Attacker Type for Woodmon, Puppetmon, AncientTroiamon
Updated Attacker Type for MaloMyotismon
Updated Attacker Type for Soulmon, Phantomon
Updated Attacker Type for Coredramon (Blue), Slayerdramon
Updated Attacker Type for GranDracmon and GranDracmon X
Updated Attacker Type for Elecmon
Updated Attacker Type for Bearmon ,Grizzlymon
Updated Attacker Type for Syakomon
Updated Attacker Type for CommanDramon, TankDramon
Updated Attacker Type for Kabuterimon, MegaKabuterimon
Updated https://dmowiki.com/Mystery_Mercenary_DigiEgg_-_Alpha
Updated https://dmowiki.com/Mystery_Mercenary_DigiEgg_-_Beta
Added digimons https://dmowiki.com/Mystery_Mercenary_DigiEgg_-_Gamma
Added New Stats & Skills for https://dmowiki.com/Tentomon (All evo line)
Added New Stats & Skills for https://dmowiki.com/Keramon (all evo line)
Updated Stats & Skills for https://dmowiki.com/Gizumon_AT & https://dmowiki.com/Gizumon_XT
Added New Stats & Skills for https://dmowiki.com/Biyomon (all evo line)
Updated Skills for https://dmowiki.com/Apocalymon
Added New Stats & Skills for https://dmowiki.com/ToyAgumon_(Rookie) (all evo line)
Added New Stats & Skills for https://dmowiki.com/Terriermon (all evo line)
'''My Upload File:'''
[[File:Armageddemon (Conflation) Hatching Screen.jpg|500px]] [[File:New Agumon (Classic) Hatching Screen.jpg|500px]] [[File:Gabumon (CresGarurumon) Hatching Screen.jpg|500px]]
[[File:Kokuwamon Hatching Screen.jpg|500px]] [[File:Apocalymon (Psychic).jpg|500px]] [[File:Agumon (Black) (BlitzGreymon).jpg|500px]]
[[File:Betamon (Apocalymon).jpg|500px]] [[File:Palmon (Apocalymon).jpg|500px]] [[File:PicoDevimon (Apocalymon).jpg|500px]]
[[File:MechaNorimon (Apocalymon).jpg|500px]]

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