Troubles near Western Station

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Starmon of Passion
Troubles near Western Station
Quest Type Sub Quest
Tamer Level 5
Given by Starmon of Passion
at Western Village
Rewarded by Starmon of Passion
at Western Village
There probably is a leader for the Digimon that have become violent.
If there weren't, there would be no reason for them to become suddenly violent like this...
Find out who is leading these Digimon and subdue him.
Togemon (Leader) and Woodmon (Leader) will be there. So go subdue them.
But be cautious because those Digimon are extremly dangerous.
Defeat 5 Togemon (Leader) and 5 Woodmon (Leader).

Tamer Exp: 399
Digimon Exp: 3996
Bits: 297 Currency Bit.png
Misc. Info
This quest will only be available after completing 'Problem at Western Station' quest.