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|tamer=Thomas H. Norstein
Lv. 46 [[File:Piedmon Icon.png|link=Piedmon]] [[File:Star.png]]<br />
Lv. 45 [[File:DarkDramon Icon.png|link=DarkDramon]] [[File:Star.png]]<br />
Lv. 34 [[File:MetalGreymon Icon.png|link=MetalGreymon]]<br />
Lv. 24 [[File:Garurumon Icon.png|link=Garurumon]]<br />
Lv. 16 [[File:Strikedramon Icon.png|link=Strikedramon]]<br />
Lv. 16 [[File:GeoGreymon Icon.png|link=GeoGreymon]]<br />
Lv. 14 [[File:Wendigomon Icon.png|link=Wendigomon]]<br />