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Digimon Infobox
Digimon Infobox.png
Form: [[:Category:{{{form}}}|{{{form}}}]][[Category:{{{form}}}]]

[[File:{{{attribute}}}.png|{{{attribute}}}: ]] {{{attribute}}} [[Category:{{{attribute}}} Attribute]]

Elemental Attribute: Info needed
Attacker Type: Att. type needed
Type: Digimon[[Category:{{{type}}} Type]]
Family: [[File:{{{family}}} Icon.png|link=Category:{{{family}}}]] [[:Category:{{{family}}}|{{{family}}}]][[Category:{{{family}}}]]
Can be ridden No
Can be hatched No
Available: Yes
{{Digimon Infobox
 |name= (ONLY if the Digimon name is other than page name, which is never. If Digimon name = page name, leave out)
 |katakana= (optional)
 |japname= (BlackMetalGreymon = MetalGreymon (Virus) in Japanese
 |unlocked=Toy Gun
 |needed=Jogress Chip
 |needed2=Spirit Accelerator
 |rank=SS+ (Digimon Rank)
 |level=70 (Digimon Level needed to use)
 |attribute= Data / Vaccine / Virus / Unknown / None
 |atttype= DE / NA / QA / SA
 |family= Nature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers
 |family2= Dark Area, Unknown (family2 till family4 can be used)
 |type= Ancient Plant / Demon God / Dragon Man
 |naturalattribute= Fire / Light / Steel / Wind / Ice / Neutral / Thunder / Wood / Land / Pitch Black / Water
 |from= [Digimon name]
 |to= [Digimon name]
 |location= [location name]
 |egg= Yes (leave empty if no)
 |chipset= Fire / Beast / Devil
 |amount= How many Fire / Beast / Devil chips needed for each hatching phase
 |riding= Yes / kDMO (leave empty for not rideable at all)
 |gdmo= 'Yes' / 'No' for kDMO exclusive / 'gDMO exclusively' for gDMO exclusive

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