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*1x [[File:DigiAura 1D & Jogress Chip 1D Box.jpg]] [[DigiAura 1day Box]]
*1x [[File:DigiAura 1D & Jogress Chip 1D Box.jpg]] [[DigiAura 1day Box]]
*1x [[File:Digicore.png]] [[Digicore]]
*4x [[File:Digicore.png]] [[Digicore]]
*1x [[File:Backup Disk.png]] [[Backup Disk]]
*3x [[File:Backup Disk.png]] [[Backup Disk]]

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Super Crack of Devimon.png Super Crack of Devimon

Character Bound
KindContainer Item
ClassEvent Item

Great Activity in Crack of Devimon! Right-click to open

A box Super Crack of Devimon dropped by Devimon (Crack of Devimon) in Crack of Devimon (Instance Dungeon).

Possible items upon opening

Randomly gives 3 of the following items: