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Form: Armor
Attribute: Vaccine: strong against Virus - weak against Data Vaccine
Elemental Attribute: Light: is strong against Pitch Black (× 25) - weak against Steel (× -25) - somewhat strong against Light (× 10) Light
Attacker Type: Near Attacker
Type: Holy Beast Digimon
Families: Nature Spirits Icon.png Nature Spirits
Virus Busters Icon.png Virus Busters
Digivolved from: Salamon
Can be ridden No
Can be hatched No
Available: Yes

Nefertimon, the "Angel of Light", whose name and design are derived from Nefertiti and the mythological sphinx, a Holy Beast Armor Digimon which evolved using the power of the "Digi-Egg of Light". The Digi-Egg of Light bears the attribute of "Light", the users of this Digimental are bestowed with strong power over light and ability to purify the darkness.


Salamon Icon.png 8594.png Gatomon Icon.png 8594.png Angewomon Icon.png 8594.png MagnaDramon Icon.png
8595.png ↳.png Ophanimon Icon.png (with Holy Spear.png Holy Spear) 8594.png Ophanimon Falldown Mode Icon.png (with Madness of Abyss.png Madness of Abyss)
Nefertimon Icon.png ↳.png Mastemon Icon.png (with LadyDevimon Icon.png LadyDevimon)


Beam of Isis Light Light attribute 3 second(s) cooldown 58 DS consumed Learned at Lv. 35
  Shoots powerful beams of light from headdress, and get infuriated randomly.
Rosseta Stone Light Light attribute 8 second(s) cooldown 84 DS consumed Learned at Lv. 38
  Summons and throw a giant tombstone to inflict great damage.

Attack Atk Lv. 1* Atk Lv. 2* Atk Lv. 3* Atk Lv. 4* Atk Lv. 5* Atk Lv. 6* Atk Lv. 7* *Atl Lv. 8*
Curse of Queen.png Beam of Isis 490 509 528 547 566 585 604 623
Rosseta Stone.png Rosseta Stone 1720 1748 1776 1804 1832 1860 1888 1916


Beam of Isis: 22% chance getting buff that increases skill dmg (9% skill dmg inc (Base) + 3% per skill increase (30% max at 8/8))

  • Note: These are the skills of Nefertimon available on gDMO!