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|Mystery Mercenary DigiEgg - Alpha.png Mystery Mercenary DigiEgg - Alpha

Digimons that may be obtained by scanning it are:
Agumon (Classic) Icon.png Agumon (Classic)
Arkadimon (Rookie) Icon.png Arkadimon
Armadillomon Icon.png Armadillomon
Azulongmon (Champion) Icon.png Azulongmon
Betamon Icon.png Betamon
Biyomon Icon.png Biyomon
BlackAgumon Icon.png BlackAgumon
Candlemon Icon.png Candlemon
CommanDramon Icon.png CommanDramon
DemiDevimon Icon.png DemiDevimon (Myotismon)
DemiDevimon Icon.png DemiDevimon (Soulmon)
Dokunemon Icon.png Dokunemon
Dorumon Icon.png Dorumon (Dorugamon)
Doggymon Icon.png Doggymon
Dracmon Icon.png Dracmon
Dracomon Icon.png Dracomon (BLue)
Dracomon Icon.png Dracomon (Green)
Gabumon Icon.png Gabumon
Gazimon Icon.png Gazimon
Goblimon Icon.png Goblimon
Gomamon Icon.png Gomamon (Jijimon)
Hagurumon Icon.png Hagurumon (Mechanorimon)
Kamemon Icon.png Kamemon
Kudamon Icon.png Kudamon
Lopmon Icon.png Lopmon
Lucemon Icon.png Lucemon
Monodramon Icon.png Monodramon
Otamamon Icon.png Otamamon
Palmon Icon.png Palmon (Woodmon)
Patamon Icon.png Patamon(Jogress)
PawnChessmon (Black) Icon.png PawnChessmon (Black)
Salamon Icon.png Salamon (BlackGatomon)
Salamon Icon.png Salamon (Mikemon)
Sharmamon Icon.png Sharmamon
Starmon Icon.png Starmon
Syakomon Icon.png Syakomon
Tentomon Icon.png Tentomon
Terriermon Icon.png Terriermon
Tsukaimon Icon.pngTsukaimon Tsukaimon (Demon)
Veedramon Icon.png Veedramon
Ebonwumon (Champion) Icon.png Xuanwumon