Instance Dungeons

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These are special types of Dungeons that have certain rules. Some require a specific item in order to get in.

Instance Dungeon Rules

  • You're unable to ride your Digimon inside.
  • You can go inside with a party of up to 4 people including yourself.
  • Leaving the party & getting kicked from the party will force you out of the Instance Dungeon.
  • There are no channels, however in your Guild's Window it'll say "(Instance Dungeon) (0Ch)"
  • Enemy Digimon inside the Instance Dungeon do not re-spawn.
  • Dropped items inside the Instance Dungeon do not de-spawn.
  • Only available in the Digimon Masters - Korean Version! Basic attack damage is reduced heavily.

Here's the list of all the currently available Instance Dungeons:

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