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{{Item Infobox
{{Item Infobox
|kind=Apply to Digimon
|kind=Apply to Digimon

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Evoluter.png Evoluter

Character Bound
KindApply to Digimon
ClassSilk Item
Force Expand Digimon's Evolution Slot [Silk]

Also a Cash Shop item.
3 Each.png - 36 P / S
6 Each.png - 60 P / S
12 Each.png - 120 P / S

※ Directions

  1. Purchase the Evoluter item.
  2. Change the Digimon to the Partner you want to expand to the evolution slot.
  3. Use the Evoluter item (right click).
  4. When the Evoluter evolution window opens, select the evolution slot to expand.

※ Caution

  1. The upper level cannot be opened if the level before is not expanded.
  2. Even if evolution expansion has been applied, evolution is only possible when you reach the required level. (E.g. Ultimate - Lv 25/Mega - Lv 41 )
  3. The expansion evolution applied to the Partner Digimon can expand to an Evoluter.