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Enhanced Tamer Skills are additional skills which can be seperately used from the exisiting tamer skills.

  • You can register 2 Enhanced Tamer Skills by maximum, and register them individually.
  • Single cooldown time will be applied for both skills when same type of Tamer Skill and Enhanced Tamer Skill are registere simultaneously.
  • Enhanced Tamer Skills are removable, and free to switch anytime.
  • Deleted Tamer Skill cannot be restored, so please make decisions wisely when you delete or switch skills.

Enhanced Tamer Skill List

Enhanced Berserker.png Enhanced Berserker Increase the Digimon's AT by 80% for 30 seconds.
Enhanced Cheer.png Enhanced Cheer Recover Digimon's HP and DS by 100%.
Impregnableness.png Enhanced Impregnableness Decrease all damage taken for a certain time.
Enhanced Pray.png Enhanced Pray Recover HP of all Digimons in the party.
Protection.png Enhanced Protection Nullify all damage taken for a short period of time.
Encouragement.png Enhanced Encouragement Increase maximum HP of all Digimons in the Party for a certain time.

Enhanced Tamer Skills have been introduced in March 21, 2017 Patch.

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