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|family=Nature Spirits
|from=Dorulumon (Champion)
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'''Dorulumon''' is a Beast Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Drill and the onomatopoeia for a wolf's growl (ガルルル Garururu). It is a faithful Digimon with a chivalrous spirit. As it usually sticks to the rock-covered mountains, it often acts alone without flocking with others. The drill on its head is a hardened portion of its hair. It runs over the ground at high speeds and uses "Hit and Away" tactics as its favorite strategy, confounding the opponent by inflicting a single blow, and since Dorulumon can cope against both ground-based and aerial enemies, it can certainly be said to be an all-rounder warrior. Also, Dorulumon is able to fire its "Dorulu Cannon" in collaboration with another Digimon by changing into its "Bombardment Mode" (砲撃形態 Hougeki Keitai).
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==Default Stats==
{{note|Approximate statistics with 70% size and level 50 and before rebalance}}
{{Digimon Attacks
|attack1=Drill Buster
|attack2=Dorulu Tornado

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