Digimon Attributes

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List of Digimon Attributes

There are 5 Digimon Attributes:

Data.png Data Attribute

Vaccine.png Vaccine Attribute

Virus.png Virus Attribute

None.png No Attribute

Unknown Attribute.png Unknown Attribute


Data.pngVaccine.png None.png
Data beats Vaccine and No Attributes.

Virus.pngData.png None.png
Virus beats Data and No Attributes.

Vaccine.pngVirus.png None.png
Vaccine beats Virus and No Attributes.

Unknown Attribute.pngData.png Vaccine.png Virus.png None.png
Unknown Attribute beats all of them. Data, Vaccine, Virus and No Attributes.

No Attributes has no advantages.


When experience of an Attribute at 100%, it gives a 50% normal attack and skill bonus deal on a disadvantaged opponent. To gain attribute/elemental experience, a vaccine digimon has to kill viruses and a virus monster has to kill data ones. A data attribute digimon will get attribute experience only by having him standing next to you while you are returning your broken egg shells and any other type of egg to PawnChessmon.

For Digimon of the NO Attribute, there is no way to raise the Experience of it. Clothing boosts will not apply to the NO Attribute.

For Digimon of the UK Attribute, there is no way to raise the Experience of it. Rookie Level UK Attribute is always 35%, Champion is 45%, Ultimate is 55%, Mega is 65%, Burst Mode is 75%. Clothing boosts do apply to the UK attribute making it able to get 100% or above.

Clothing Accessories

Clothing Accessories are able to raise your Attribute beyond the normal 100%. You can have a maximum of 68% boost on your attribute from your clothing. Rings can add 2-20%(Depending on options and Ring %) Necklaces can add 2-20%(Depending on options and Necklace %) Earrings can add 7-28%(Depending on options and Earring %)