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Baihumon among Four holy beasts is in this site.

승천하는 업화 (Instance Dungeon).png
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  • Pass Traces of Black Steel.png Pass [Easy Descending Thunder God] is required to enter the dungeon on easy difficulty and is available at tamer level 55+.
    • 2 Pass [Easy Descending Thunder God] tickets can be obtained for free from a daily quest given by Renamon (NPC) in D-Terminal, always at midnight (Korea Time Zone).
    • 1 Pass [Easy Descending Thunder God] ticket can be obtained by trading 50x File:Energy of the Thunder God.png Energy of the Thunder God with Renamon, pieces drop from any Digimon in Digimon Maze.

  • Rewards for defeating the bosses on Easy Mode are Chests of Thunder and Thunder God's Coins (1, 1, 1~2, 2), which can be exchanged for Chest of Thunder at Digitamamon in DATS Center.


Birdramon Icon.png Birdramon (Raid)

Garudamon Icon.png Garudamon (Raid)

Phoenixmon Icon.png Phoenixmon (Raid)

Zhuqiaomon (Mega) Icon.png Zhuqiaomon (Raid)