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/n /N Normal Regular chat. Anyone nearby you in the same channel can see this.
/s /S Shout Shouting. Anyone in your current map can see this, regardless of channel.
/p /P Party Party chat. All party members will see what you have said, regardless of channel or map.
/g /G Guild Guild chat. All guild members will see what you have said, regardless of channel or map.
/w /W Whisper Whispering. Only the specified person you're whispering will see it.
/r /R Reply Replying to a whisper. Instead of having to type "/w [Username]", /r allows you to reply the last whisper that you received.
/block Block To block an user. Blocks whispers, trades, normal chat and shouts.
/friend Friend To add an user to your friends list. Press F to open your friends list.
/guild Guild (invite) To add an user to the guild you belong to. (You MUST be a Sub-Master or Master from the guild, or equivalent.)
/invite Party invite To add an user to your party. If no party exists, it creates one.
/trade Trade Invites an user to trade with you.
/leave Leave party Leaves the current party you're in.
/shopfinder Shop Locator Locates shops with specific characters in your command. Ex: "/shopfinder [Dex]" will look for all shops with the word "Dex" in their names.
Hi.png /hi Waving;
Yes.png /yes Thumbs up;
No.png /no Shaking your finger, Not good;
Cheer.png /cheer Cheering;
Despair.png /despair Sitting down in despair, at a loss of what to do;
Joy.png /joy Laughing;
Taunt.png /taunt Taunting, "Bring it on";
Flex.png /flex Flexing, Showing your muscles;
Dance.png /dance Dancing;


The "Megaphone Blocker" allows the user to block messages from megaphones whenever he wants to do so.




The "High-Rank Megaphone" is one of the Different Types of Megaphones. It allows the user to send a message that the whole server can see, not mattering which channel or map the user is.
This item can be gotten from events, and the cash shop. Fun Fact: There are about five different types of megaphones.




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