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(チャツラモン Caturamon)
Form: Ultimate
Attribute: Data: strong against Vaccine - weak against Virus Data
Elemental Attribute: Steel: is strong against Light (× 25) - weak against Thunder (× -25) - somewhat strong against Steel (× 10) Steel
Attacker Type:
Type: Holy Beast Digimon
Families: Nature Spirits Icon.png Nature Spirits
Metal Empire Icon.png Metal Empire
Location: Four Holy Beast Area
Collapsed Four Holy Beast Area

Caturamon is an Exalted Beast Digimon. It is the "Dog" Deva, and serves the Digimon Sovereign Baihumon. As a follower of Baihumon, it looks after its fellow followers Makuramon and Sinduramon as if they were its younger brothers (as for those two, it appears they do not feel the same degree of obligation). Its sense of justice is strong, and it is unsatisfied when it can't make something clear in black-and-white. When all of its comrades are quarreling, it will sometimes serve as a moderator or presiding judge, transforming itself into the "Bǎo Chuí" (宝鎚? lit. "Treasure Hammer"), which is a gigantic hammer, and passing judgment over guilt and innocence.


  • Caturamon Icon.png Caturamon is currently not available as a Mercenary Digimon