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7th Anniversary Silver Pouch.png 7th Anniversary Silver Pouch

Items that may be obtained by scanning it are:

  • Mega Reinforced DigiClone [S~D] Package 3ea
  • 102-Blue-BT 1ea + High Skill Memory Capsule [Attack], [Defense], [Support] 1ea each + Mileage Coin 1ea
  • Hatch Backup [Lv.5] 5ea + Mileage Coin 1ea
  • Jogress Random DigiEgg [Lv.5] 1ea + Mileage Coin 1ea
  • DigiEgg of Miracle 1ea + Mileage Coin 1ea
  • Newbie's Yellow Soccer Uniform [60 Days] 1ea + Mileage Coin 1ea
  • Bokomon's Book of Knowledge 10ea + Mileage Coin 1ea
  • Avatar Box - [All] [30 Days] 2ea + Soulmon's Hat [30 Days] 2ea + Mileage Coin 1ea
  • Xai Ver IV Box [30 Days] 1ea + Mileage Coin 1ea
  • Option Change Stone 10ea + Number Change Stone 10ea + Mileage Coin 1ea