Yokohoma East Village

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Yokohama VillageYokohama East VillageOil Refinery-1Oil Refinery-2Oil Refinery-3World Map Yokohama Village (Christmas).png
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A village close to the Oil Refinery area. Not an appropriate place to live because of the regional characteristics.

Wild Digimon



Doruphin Icon.png Doruphin <Equipment Merge>
Megumi Shirakawa Icon.png Megumi Shirakawa <Riding Agent>
Miki Kurosaki Icon.png Miki Kurosaki <DATS member>
Vending Machine Icon.png Vending Machine <Food vending machine>
Akihiro Kurata Icon.png Akihiro Kurata <Doctor>
Inoue Mama Icon.png Inoue Mama <Item seller>
Inoue Mama Icon.png Inoue Mama <Item seller>
Carry Icon.png Carry <Disk seller>
Neon Icon.png Neon <Star singer>
Godoly Icon.png Godoly <Street cat>
Gosomi Icon.png Gosomi <Street cat>
Dalbong Icon.png Dalbong <Street cat>
Vivi Icon.png Vivi <Street cat>
Dodori Icon.png Dodori <Street cat>
Wastebasket Icon.png wastebasket <Smelly>
Oil refinery Employee.png Oil refinery Employee <Portal guide>
Sora's Mom Icon.png Sora's Mom <Clothes shop>
DigimonArchive Icon.png DigimonArchive <DATS>
PawnChessmon W Icon.png PawnChessmon W <Warehouse>