Yokohama East Village

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Yokohama VillageOil Refinery-1Yokohama East Village (Christmas).png
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Yokohama VillageYokohama East VillageOil Refinery-1Oil Refinery-2Oil Refinery-3World Map Yokohama Village (Christmas).png
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The East part of the village, where the entrance to the Oil Refinery area lies. Not an appropriate place to live because of the regional characteristics.

Wild Digimon

DemiMeramon (Arsonist)
DemiMeramon Search Icon.png Non-aggressive monsters do not attack you first None:  Weak against all Fire: is strong against Ice (× 25) - weak against Water (× -25) - somewhat strong against Fire (× 10) HP: 1.100 Level(s): Boss


Vending Machine Icon.png Vending Machine <Food vending machine>
Megumi Shirakawa Icon.png Megumi Shirakawa <DATS member>
Miki Kurosaki Icon.png Miki Kurosaki <DATS member>
Doruphin Icon.png Doruphin <Equipment Merge>
Repairman Icon.png Oil Refinery Employee <Oil Refinery-1 - Portal Guide>
DigimonArchive Icon.png DigimonArchive <DATS>
PawnChessmon W Icon.png PawnChessmon W <Warehouse>
Akihiro Kurata Icon.png Akihiro Kurata <Doctor>
Inoue Mama Icon.png Inoue Mama <Item seller>
Carry Icon.png Carry <Disk seller>
Sora's Mom Icon.png Sora's Mom <Clothes shop>
Neon Icon.png Neon <Star singer>
Wastebasket Icon.png Wastebasket <Smelly>
Vivi Icon.png Vivi <Street cat>
Vivi Icon.png Dodori <Street cat>
Vivi Icon.png Dalbong <Street cat>
Vivi Icon.png Gosomi <Street cat>
Vivi Icon.png Godoly <Street cat>