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Form: Mega

Vaccine: strong against Virus - weak against Data Vaccine

Elemental Attribute: Fire: is strong against Ice (× 25) - weak against Water (× -25) - somewhat strong against Fire (× 10) Fire
Attacker Type: Short Attacker
Type: Dragon Man Digimon
Families: Metal Empire Icon.png Metal Empire
Virus Busters Icon.png Virus Busters
Dragon's Roar Icon.png Dragon's Roar
Digivolved from: MetalGreymon
Digivolves to: VictoryGreymon
Unlocked with: Evoluter Evoluter × 8
Location: Dark Tower Wasteland
Can be ridden No
Can be hatched No
Available: Yes

WarGreymon is a Dragon Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from "War Greymon". The strongest dragon warrior, with a body clad in armor of the super-metal "Chrome Digizoid", it is the ultimate form of Greymon-species Digimon. Though it differs from the gigantic figure seen in Greymon-species Digimon, and has the form of a Man-type, it has rapidly improved its speed and power, and it is likely impossible to defeat it with the attacks of an Ultimate Digimon. The "Dramon Killers" equipped to both of its arms exhibit immense power against Dramon-species Digimon, while simultaneously being a two-edged sword that completely endangers itself. Also, when the shells equipped on its back unite into one, they become the "Brave Shield", which is the strongest and toughest shield. It is said that the moment that a true hero, among all the mighty that have been through many battles, awakens to its own mission, it Digivolves into WarGreymon.


Agumon (Classic) Icon.pngLv. 11 Greymon Icon.png Lv. 25 MetalGreymon Icon.png Lv. 41 WarGreymon Icon.png Lv. 65 VictoryGreymon Icon.png This is a Side Mega form, rather than the Burst Mode(with Dramon Breaker.png Dramon Breaker)


MetalGarurumon Icon.png+WarGreymon Icon.png=Omnimon Icon.png (Jogress Digivolving) (Lv. 41)

Default Stats

HP Health Points 1527
DS Digi-Soul 679
AT Attack 540
AS Attack Speed 2.4
CT Critical Hit 6.84%
HT Hit Rate 0
DE Defense 38
EV Avoid 21%


Dramon Killer Fire Fire attribute 3 seconds cooldown 57 DS consumed Learned at Lv. 41
  Rushes the opponent and pierces it.
Gaia Force Fire Fire attribute 10 seconds cooldown 230 DS consumed Learned at Lv. 46
Concentrate all the energy in the hands and throw as Goku did with the Genkidama.

Attack Atk Lv. 1 Atk Lv. 2 Atk Lv. 3 Atk Lv. 4 Atk Lv. 5 Atk Lv. 6 Atk Lv. 7 Atk Lv. 8
Dramon Killer.png Dramon Killer 936 967 998 1029 1060 1091 1122 1153
Gaia Force.png Gaia Force 3825 3869 3913 3957 4001 4045 4089 4133