Village of Beginnings

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D-TerminalSilver LakeFile IslandVillage of Beginnings.png
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Beautiful and cute village with baby digimon

This is the classic Village of Beginnings of Digimon Adventure. It's part of File Island and is the location that all Digimon eggs go to after the Digimon dies. The Digimon are reborn Baby or Fresh. In Digimon Data Squad/Digimon Savers this doesn't appear and the Digimon don't go to this location, only transform into egg instantly. Also known as Primary Village. The Village of Beginings is a beautiful and cute village with baby digimon. Its located in the north of the D-terminal. If you want to come here you must pay 20 Currency Mega.png on gDMO and 1 Currency Mega.png on kDMO.

Wild Digimon



PawnChessmon W Icon.png Pawnchessmon W <Warehouse Support Agent>
PawnChessmon B Icon.png Pawnchessmon B <DATS Agent>
Incubator Icon.png Incubator <Mercenary Digimon Hatcher>
MudFrigimon Icon.png MudFrigimon (NPC) <Event>
DigimonArchive Icon.png DigimonArchive <Warehouse>
Capsule Machine Red Icon.png Rare Machine <Rare Coin 1>
Capsule Machine Red Icon.png Capsule Machine <Capsule 1>
Capsule Machine Blue Icon.png Capsule Machine <Capsule 2>
Capsule Machine Green Icon.png Capsule Machine <Capsule 3>
Vending Machine Icon.png Vending Machine <Beverage>
Frigimon Icon.png Frigimon (NPC) <Event>
Kamemon (NPC) Icon.png Kamemon (Digicore Merchant) <Digicore merchant>
Sora's Mom Icon.png Sora's Mom <Clothes shop>
Inoue Mama Icon.png Inoue Mama <Item seller>
Homer Yushima Icon.png Homer Yushima <DATS chief>
Carry Icon.png Carry <Disk seller>
Doruphin Icon.png Doruphin <Equipment Merge>
Agumon Search Icon.png Agumon (NPC) <Cheerful>
Gabumon Search Icon.png Gabumon (NPC) <Expectation>
Tentomon Search Icon.png Tentomon (NPC) <Very Glad>
Palmon Search Icon.png Palmon (NPC) <Pleased>
Koromon Search Icon.png Koromon (NPC) <Palpitate>
Patamon Search Icon.png Patamon (NPC) <Zingy>
Elecmon Search Icon.png Elecmon (NPC) <D-terminal>
AngewomonNPC Icon.png Angelwomon (NPC) <Attribute Store Merchant>

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