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(ヴェノムヴァンデモン VenomVamdemon)

Korean name: 베놈묘티스몬
Chinese name: 究極吸血魔獸
Thai name: เวนอมแวมเดมอน
Rank: A
Form: Mega
Attribute: Virus: strong against Data - weak against Vaccine Virus
Elemental Attribute: Fire: is strong against Ice (× 25) - weak against Water (× -25) - somewhat strong against Fire (× 10) Fire
Attacker Type: Near Attacker
Type: Demon Beast Digimon
Families: Nightmare Soldiers Icon.png Nightmare Soldiers
Dark Area Icon.png Dark Area
Digivolved from: Myotismon
Digivolves to: MaloMyotismon
Unlocked with: Evoluter Evoluter × 6
Location: Venomous Vortex
Can be ridden No
Can be hatched No
Available: Yes

VenomMyotismon is an Evil Digimon whose name is derived from "Venom Myotismon" and whose design is derived from the Second Beast of Revelation, as well as the mythological Abaddon. It has the lower half of a beast and an upper half with a beetle-like shell, it is the true, evolved form of the king of darkness, Myotismon. As VenomMyotismon, who has unleashed its hidden power, it has nothing but omnicidal and destructive impulses, and Myotismon, who originally maintained its gentlemanly conduct, reason, and intelligence, hates exposing its true, ugly form.

VenomMyotismon was added to gDMO with the October 23rd, 2012 (Happy Halloween) patch and was exclusively available until kDMO added VenomMyotismon about a month later.


DemiDevimon Icon.pngLv. 11 Devimon Icon.png Lv. 25 Myotismon Icon.png Lv. 41 VenomMyotismon Icon.png Lv. 70 MaloMyotismon Icon.png This is a Burst Mode form, rather than a Side Mega form(with Sodom and Gomorrah.png Sodom and Gomorrah)
 Lv. 70 Boltboutamon Icon.png

Default Stats

Exclamation Mark.png Note: Approximate statistics with 140% size and level 140

Digimon Status.png

DGStats.png Digimon Stats Base
HP.png Health Points 3648 1870
DS.png Digi-Soul 1810 820
AT.png Attack 1263 808
AS.png Attack Speed 2.4
CT.png Critical Hit 22.64% 6.1%
HT.png Hit Rate 485
DE.png Defense 128 66
EV.png Evade 26.9%
  • Base Value = Official stats at 100% size and level 1


Skill Status.png
Venom Infusion Fire Fire attribute 5 seconds cooldown 99 DS consumed 2 skill points per upgrade 2.5 seconds animation
  Infiltrates destructive virus from its abdomen into opponent's body to emit ray of deadly light.
Chaos Flame Fire Fire attribute 9 seconds cooldown 207 DS consumed 3 skill points per upgrade 3.5 seconds animation
Fires purple flames from its abdomen.
Attack Lv.1 Lv.2 Lv.3 Lv.4 Lv.5 Lv.6 Lv.7 Lv.8 Lv.9 Lv.10 Lv.11 Lv.12 Lv.13 Lv.14 Lv.15 Lv.16 Lv.17 Lv.18 Lv.19 Lv.20 Lv.21 Lv.22 Lv.23 Lv.24 Lv.25
Venom Infusion.png Venom Infusion 2880 3005 3130 3255 3380 3505 3630 3755 3880 4005 4130 4255 4380 4505 4630 4755 4880 5005 5130 5255 5380 5505 5630 5755 5880
Chaos Flame.png Chaos Flame 5730 5932 6134 6336 6538 6740 6942 7144 7346 7548 7750 7952 8154 8356 8558 8760 8962 9164 9366 9568 9770 9972 10174 10376 10578