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Tinnitus is a constant and persistent ear noise Tinnitus 911 inside the inner ear. Many people today still don't know what has caused their tinnitus. This condition has been around since 1600 B.C, the time of the Egyptians. Even when medical science began trying to cure this problem, there has still been no cure found today. This condition is not fatal and never really got the attention it needed until recently. Following the usual medical treatments has still not helped many tinnitus sufferers. Tinnitus is a quick spreading problem that has many different causes and types.

There is subjective tinnitus which is one sided, and objective tinnitus, which is two sided. There is also pulsatile tinnitus that causes the tinnitus sufferer to hear their own heartbeat loudly in their ears. Somatic and chronic tinnitus is the type that occurs because of head and neck injuries.

Physicians, herbal therapists, and even quacks tried to exploit the plight of tinnitus sufferers. They would lie about their treatments, which never worked and made patients lose hope. They try to sell you aggressive medication that is very costly. Such as the Lidocaine combination mix that only provides temporary relief for tinnitus, but does not solve the problem permanently.