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Marcus Damon.png
Tamer: Marcus Damon
Tamer Level: 51
Server: Leviamon
Partner: Lv. 77 ShineGreymon (Burst Mode) Icon.png
Digimon: Lv. 54 WarGreymon Icon.png Star.png - 120,4%

Lv. 41 Beelzemon Icon.png - 115,66%

Lv. 29 WereGarurumon Icon.png - 77,23%

Lv. 3 Drimogemon Icon.png - 75,02%


 Guild: Imperial
 Nationality: Lithuanian
 Wishlist: BlackAgumon (WarGreymon) 5/5, BlackAgumon (BlitzGreymon) 5/5, 4th and 5th Mercenary Slot Expansions, Inventory Expansions, Warehouse Expansions, Permanent DigiAura, Taichi Tamer, Seal Openers, Digimon Archieves, Dramon Breaker.
 My Suggestions/Ideasfor Digimon Masters Online.