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Hi, I'm KingyDerps, or KingyDurps. Usually people call me just King or something but, I've been around long enough on GDMO to understand its status at the moment. Other than that, i'm a nice person amongst the community who will gladly help with things that aren't too heavily difficult for even me. You can find me on the Lucemon Server, in a guild called "CyTamDer", and I can play both Steam and Gameking versions of GDMO. Eitherway, i'm a community member that helps the DMO Wiki have its fair share of tweaks and fixes.

V Favorite Digimons in game V

Etemon Icon.png MetalEtemon Icon.png KingEtemon Icon.pngPrinceMamemon Icon.png Arkadimon (Mega) Icon.png Millenniummon Icon.png Moon Millenniumon Icon.png Volcamon Icon.png Craniamon Icon.png TyrantKabuterimon Icon.png Omegamon Alter-B Icon.png Gankoomon Icon.png

If you want to meet me, come see my group on discord!

V Gameking V

Tamer: T.K.
Tamer Level: 100
Server: Lucemon
Partner: Lv. 99 KingEtemon Icon.png
Digimon: Lv. 99 Moon Millenniumon Icon.png

Lv. 90 Fanglongmon Icon.png

Lv. 94 KaiserGreymon Icon.png

Lv. 100 DexDorugoramon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png


V Steam V

Tamer: Izzy
Tamer Level: 106
Server: Lucemon
Partner: Lv. 94 KingEtemon Icon.png
Digimon: Lv. 100 Moon Millenniumon Icon.png Star.png

Lv. 81 Gankoomon Icon.png

Lv. 93 Apocalymon Icon.png Star.png

Lv. 71 Fanglongmon Icon.png