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Food companies are using tactics like deep Blood Sugar Premier frying food, which minimizes the water content, which would normally make us feel satisfied and replaces the water with extra fat content that our brains have now become accustomed to wanting.

Another eye opening way they fool us is the creation of these new "bite size snacks". The design was to make a bite size snack that will seem smaller, so you'll have less guilt (in theory), but still continue to snack. However, it has been proven that because these smaller pieces are easier to swallow, we tend to eat them faster and more of them.

Remember that it takes 20 minutes for our bodies to tell us were satisfied, and the food companies know what happens to us when we eat that fat, sugar, salt combination... we'll keep eating until we've eaten the whole bag. And that's exactly what they want us to do! We are making them rich because we've become addicted to the food they are supplying to us.