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My Name's Arvee100smart !

Welcome to my Profile Stalker !

I am um... Arvee100smart. Mostly known as Arvee or RV and Arvee-chan too. I uh.. edit a lot on Fairy Tail Wiki, Digimon Wiki, Pokemon Wiki and it's components. I found at the Chat a lot.. rather than editing :P.

I like to do some stories but I often get to tired and discontinue XD. But still I try to do my best.

Fell free to ask me or I can help you but just remember I suck at codes but I can do some and some copy paste ones, but I'm "KINDA" intelligent about Digimons.

Thanks for reading and I hope don't mind if you see some wrong grammars. Leave me a message if you like.

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Have uh.. 100 Edits !


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Have an account ~!