Trace of the Black Steel (Easy Mode)

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Baihumon among Four holy beasts is in this site.

검은 강철의 잔영 (Instance Dungeon).png
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  • Pass Traces of Black Steel.png Pass [Easy Trace of Black Steel] is required to enter the dungeon, and is available at tamer level 55+.
    • 2 Pass [Easy Trace of Black Steel] tickets can be obtained for free from a daily quest given by Renamon in D-Terminal, always at midnight (Korea Time Zone).
    • 1 Pass [Easy Trace of Black Steel] ticket can be obtained by trading 50x Energy of Steel.png Energy of Steel with Renamon, Energy of Steel drops from every Digimon in Server Continent Desert and Server Continent Canyon.


Sinduramon Icon.png Sinduramon (Raid)(Easy)

Blossomon Icon.png Blossomon (Raid)(Easy)

Baihumon (Mega) Icon.png Baihumon (Raid)(Easy)

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