To become a Dats Agent

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To become a Dats Agent
Quest Type Main Quest
Tamer Level 1
Given by Yushima
at Yokohama Village
Rewarded by Mary
at Yokohama Village
To become a Dats Agent, you have to go through a period of apprenticeship and pass the Dats Centers Test. Of course, the test is not for anyone to take, and the acceptance rate is very low, so don't let go of the tension and concentration! Well, there's not much time left before the test starts. Mary's waiting for you for the exam on the way. Go see Mary.
Speak with Mary

Tamer Exp: 283
Digimon Exp: 2835
Item(s): 30 Tasty Stick Bread (Tutorial) and 30 Condensed Vitamin Drink A (Tutorial)
Misc. Info