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Quest Info
Quest Type Quest
Tamer Level
Given by [[{{{npc}}} (NPC)|{{{npc}}}]]
at [[]]
Rewarded by [[{{{reward}}} (NPC)|{{{reward}}}]]
at [[]]
Misc. Info

[[Category:{{{reward}}}]][[Category:{{{end}}}]][[Category:{{{typequest}}} Quest]][[Category:Level {{{lvlreq}}} Quest]]

How it works

{{Quest Info
|pic= ''General name of NPC you obtain reward from (example: Impmon rather than Devil Impmon)''
|typequest= ''Main, Sub, or Daily''
|lvlreq= ''Tamer Level required to receive quest''
|time= ''Used for quests only available for a limited time (example: July 2012)''
|npc= ''Talk to this NPC first''
|start= ''Starting location''
|reward= ''NPC you obtain reward from''
|end= ''Ending location''
|detail= ''NPC Dialogue''
|objective= ''Requirements to complete the quest''
|texp= ''Tamer EXP''
|dexp= ''Digimon EXP''
|bit= ''Money obtained for quest''
|item= ''Items given as reward''
|misc= ''Other rewards, such as Skills, Tamer Ranks, Permission granted to new areas, etc''
|info= ''Misc info about quest or in quest.''
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