Sinduramon (Raid)

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Sinduramon (Raid)
Sinduramon (Raid).png
Form: Ultimate
Attribute: Data: strong against Vaccine - weak against Virus Data
Elemental Attribute: Thunder: is strong against Steel (× 25) - weak against Pitch Black (× -25) - somewhat strong against Thunder (× 10) Thunder
Attacker Type: Defender
Type: Exalted Beast Digimon
Families: Wind Guardians Icon.png Wind Guardians
Metal Empire Icon.png Metal Empire
Location: Trace of Black Steel (Instance Dungeon)

Sinduramon is an Exalted Beast Digimon whose name is derived from the mythological Kinnara. It is the "Rooster" Deva, and serves the Sovereign Baihumon. As a follower of Baihumon, it likes to quarrel and gossip above all else. With its provocative attitude, it will pick a fight with its opponent one way or another, but when they move to attack, it immediately draws its head and wings within its spherical armor. Its armor is the hardest among all of the Deva's equipment, and once it gets inside of the armor, it is absolutely protected. During battle, it is occasionally possible to cut through the breach when it rolls around in that state. Just like Kumbhiramon, it carries the Bǎo Chǔ (宝杵? lit. "Treasure Pestle") on its back.



  • This boss has about 3 200 000 HP
  • Upon entering the map, there will be 3 Sinduramon.
  • Only the middle one is the actual raid and drop the box. The other 2 are fake, but you need to kill them to unlock the next room.
  • The boss has 1 main skill that deals 2,500 damage, and a special skill that deals 3,000 damage.
  • Similar to Uprising Flame (Instance Dungeon), you can run from his special skill to avoid damage.
  • This raid has 10 minutes time limit after being attacked. If the party could not kill it within the time limit, everyone hitting will be automatically dead.


First of all, the 2 hitters have to tank Sinduramon from left and right, then the tanker can come hit the middle one. At this point, the 3 Sinduramon should hit 3 different persons in your party, while your team gang up on the real Sinduramon raid. Make sure that the fake ones are at 100% HP, so they don't use their skills.

100% - The Main Sinduramon will use his main skill, 2,500 damage, until his HP drops to 80%.

85% - The Main will start using special skill. You can either tank the skill or dodge it, the damage is pretty low, so if you have a good healer, there shouldn't be a problem.

50% - He will stop using all of the skills, instead, his normal hit will do much more damage than usual, and the less HP he has, the more damage it will do. At this stage, Sinduramon ignores your evasion, and he can hit up to 10,000 damage per hit. Fortunately, it only hits 1 single person, so make sure that your tanker and healer can take that, while the hitters kill the boss as fast as possible. Since the boss ignores Evasion, it is recommended that the tanker has max Block clone.

Info.png Note: Once the raid is dead, you will have to kill the 2 fake Sinduramon. However, keep in mind that they are not raids, so they won't give you anything. The reason you need to kill them is to unlock the door to the next room. Fortunately, their HP are a lot lower than the actual raid, although they do use the same skills as the raid, so be careful.


Baihumon Hoodie.png Baihumon Hoodie
Baihumon Ring.png Baihumon Ring
DSoul Chipset.png [DS] Chipset Lv9 (340-510)

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