Rookie Requirements 2

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Sarah Damon
Sarah Damon.png
Rookie Requirements 2
Quest Type Main Quest
Tamer Level 1
Given by Miki Kurosaki
at Yokohama Village
Rewarded by Sarah Damon
at Yokohama Village
There are 3 types of DigiEggs.
Retrieval DigiEggs which can only be retrieved, DATA Scan DigiEggs which contain DATA that can be scanned, Mercenary DigiEggs from which you can gain mercenary digimons.
DigiEggs with DATA can be scanned for items.
But you need to pay for the scanning, so keep that in mind. Shall we bring the DATA Scan DigiEggs? Sarah Damon from Yokohama Village found DATA Scan DigiEggs by chance.
Go and retrieve the DATA Scan DigiEggs from Sarah Damon.
Speak with Sarah Damon.

Tamer Exp: 50
Digimon Exp: 505
Misc. Info
This quest will only be available after completing 'Rookie Requirements 1' quest.