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Keenan Crier.png
Tamer: Keenan Crier
Tamer Level: 70
Server: Beelzemon
Partner: Lv. 59 MirageGaogamon Icon.png
Digimon: Lv. 91 XveemonDigi-Egg of Friendship.pngStar.png117% At12/Ct12

Lv. 90 AgumonStar.png119% At12/Ct12/Ev3
Lv. 90 GabumonStar.png119% At7/Ct6
Lv. 65 AlphamonOStar.png115% At12/Ct11
Lv. 65 GuilmonStar.png117% At9/Ct3
Lv. 53 Renamon117% At6/Ct6
Lv. 53 BeelzebumonStar.png117% At6/Ct6
Lv. 52 Drimogemon116% At6/Ct6
Lv. 50 Monodramon117% At6/Ev6
Lv. 50 Keramon123%
Lv. 47 TaimonStar.png120%
Lv. 43 TentomonStar.png117% At6/Ct5
Lv. 41 BiyomonStar.png116%

Sig: http://www.dmowiki.com/test/new.php?n=rikuo1jko&t=k&l=70&p=&pl=59&s=&d={{{12}}}&dl={{{12}}}

 Guild : GreekLand
 Nationality: Greek
 Goals for now: hatch ryudamon 4/5
 Eggs in stock: 
 Mail: rikuo1jko@hotmail.com
 Hatching queue: 
 Wish list: Examon