Richard Sampson

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Richard Sampson
Richard Sampson.png

Found in Yokohama Village and DATS Center, Richard Sampson plays a part in some quests and can to used to DigiClone your digimon..

Real World: Yokohama Area

Yokohama Village

Richard Sampson (NPC) Yokohama Village.png

You are a New Novice Member. I hope you become an Expert Member.
NPC description: Richard Sampson <Tutorial Reinforcement>
Service(s) provided: DigiCloning
Misc. Info: He will only appear for the quest 'Reinforcement for Digimon', then disappear after completing it.

Real World: DATS Center

Richard Sampson (NPC) DATS Center.png

You are the Dats Agents who are in charge of important tasks.

Behave yourself wherever you go!

NPC description: Richard Sampson <DATS leader>
Service(s) provided: DigiCloning
Quest(s) given: Official Agent
To D-terminal...
Quest(s) from other NPCs that end with him: To the Dats Center...
Through D-Terminal-Dungeon
Commander's Urgent Summon