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Rare Coin Machine

  • Location: Village of Beginnings.
  • Rare Machine was added to kDMO on May 08, 2013.
  • Details: Rare Machines can be used by consuming ‘Rare Coin’ items.
  • Available items consist of ‘rare items’ and ‘normal items’, and maximum quantities of the items will have a set value.
  • The remaining quantity of both normal AND rare items (displayed on the Rare Machine) will decrease when obtaining a rare item.
  • When the quantities of rare items (displayed on the machine) are all used up, the remaining (rare) item quantity will reset, enabling the items on the list to be obtainable again

Items available from the Rare Coin Machine

  • Golden Banana x1
  • Fruit Of The Goddess x1
  • Miracle Fruit x1
  • Digiclone D x1
  • Digiclone C x1
  • Digiclone B x1
  • Digiclone A x1
  • Digiclone S x1
  • Digicore x1
  • Evoluter x1
  • Jump Booster[All Area] x1
  • RandomData Box Mid Class x1
  • RandomData Box Low Class x1
  • Amplification Booster +200% x1
  • Mode Selector x1
  • Hatch Back-up(up to phase 4) x1
  • Back-up Disk x1
  • Digimon Archive Expansion x1
  • Warehouse Expansion x1
  • Inventory Expansion x1

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