Random riding box

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Random Riding Box Item.png Random Riding Box Item

Character Bound
KindContainer item
ClassMagic Item

Something that required for a ride on or with Digimon

Open Random Riding Box Item Open 242 Item

Digimon Number Riding Item
All Digimons 86 ModeSelector.png Mode Selector
Chaosdramon Icon.png Chaosdramon 19 Chaotic Sheet.png Chaotic Seat
Dexmon Icon.png Dexmon 10 Death-X Sheet.png Death-X Seat
MaloMyotismon Icon.png MaloMyotismon 9 Sodom.png Sodom
Fujinmon Icon.png Fujinmon 3 Cyclone.png Cyclone
Belphemon (Rage Mode) Icon.png Belphemon (Rage Mode) 15 Hellfire Tooth.png Lampranthus
AncientTroiamon Icon.png AncientTroiamon 11 AncientTroiamon Ride.png Tree of Antiquity
ShadowSeraphimon Icon.png ShadowSeraphimon 30 ShadowSeraphimon Ride.png Black Data Wing
Ornismon Icon.png Ornismon 24 Ornismon Ride.png Wings of the Seabird
TyrantKabuterimon Icon.png TyrantKabuterimon 22 TyrantKabuterimon Ride.png Tyrant King
Fanglongmon Icon.png Fanglongmon 6 Fanglongmon RI.png Footstep of Gold Dragon
Examon Icon.png Examon 2 Examon RI.png Proof of Dragon Emperor
Omegamon Zwart Icon.png Omegamon Zwart 5 Will of Darkness.png Will of Darkness