Raid Boss

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A Raid Boss refers to a powerful digimon whose battle falls under the Raid system.


Raid Bosses have immense amounts of HP and high defense. Each one has a quest designated to defeating it, usually recommending 8 players. Many players can participate in the battle and earn EXP and potentially items. When the monster dies, a ranking screen will appear showing the top players participating ranked by damage dealt. Depending on the boss, players will be awarded items directly to their inventory (to their cash warehouse if the inventory is full) based on how high they ranked.


The spawn cycle for a Raid boss usually begins in Channel 1. Once it is defeated, it will spawn moments later in the next channel (Channel 2 or 0) and proceed through however many channels are available. After it is defeated in the final channel, it will go into its cooldown period to appear again. The cooldown for most Raid Bosses is 40 minutes, however Kuwagamon on Infinite Mountain Dungeon spawns every 2 hours.

List of Raid Bosses