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Production is an item making system that consists of bringing specific materials to Digitamamon on the eastern side of DATS Center, who will immediately exchange them for certain items.

Production list


Digimon Reinforcement

Production Reinforcement.png

In the reinforcement category a player can produce Digiclones,and each type of Digiclone requires 10 Digiclones of lower level to produce + a small fee. The Cube requires 1x of each Digiclone + 20 Digicore.png Digicores to produce, and can be scanned for a random type normal or reinforced Digiclone (small chance). A reinforced Digiclone grants highest possible stat boost on successful cloning.

Note: since clones D,C,B can be bought for a fairly cheap price from the core shop and clon A drops from raid bosses and Maze floors, producing them is multiple times more expensive than simply buying

Digimon Evolution

Production Evolution.png
Cube of Overload requires 3x Data of Overload.png Data of Overload (which is obtained by scanning Burst Mode items) and 20 Digicore.png Digicores to produce. It can be scanned for a random Burst Mode item (including Gehenna).

Memory Skills

Production Memory Skills.png

All types of capsules require 2x Memory Skill DATA.png Memory Skill [DATA] (obtained by scanning Memory Skills), 50x Memory Chip.png Memory Chips and 10x Digicore.png Digicore to produce.

Consumable item

Production Recovery.png

All types of Regenerative Disks require 100x HP Disk G.png HP Disk G, 100x DS Disk G.png DS Disk G, 5x Digicore.png Digicore and 1x attribute data (vaccine, virus, data) matching the type of disk produced. Regenerative Disks recover 1800 HP/1200 DS base, +50% more for a Digimon with matching attribute.


A player can trade coins Water Crystal Coing.pngUprising Flame Coin.pngBlack Steel Coin.png earned in easy versions of Sovereign dungeons for Chests Four Holy Beast Dungeon Box.png (Water Crystal Chest, Chest of Flame, Chest of Trace - raid specific 10-15-20 coins) with a fee of 10~30 Currency Mega.png.


The event category gets frequently updated with patches.