Problem at Western Station

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Starmon of Passion
Problem at Western Station
Quest Type Sub Quest
Tamer Level 5
Given by Starmon of Passion
at Western Village
Rewarded by Starmon of Passion
at Western Village
Strangely enough, other Digimon seemed to have become strange these days. They've become very violent... The Western Village is important as a bridge between the Real World and Digital World.
If we don't preserve the safety here, the humans who have entered the Digital World will be unable to return to the Real World.
And if this happens, the balance between the two worlds will be destroyed.
I want you to quiet down the violent Digimon in the Western Station area.
Kill 5 Woodmon and 5 Togemon. You'll find them easily when you go outside the village.
Defeat 5 Woodmons and 5 Togemons.

Tamer Exp: 579
Digimon Exp: 5796
Bits: 457 Currency Bit.png
Misc. Info
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