Phoenixmon (Raid)

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Phoenixmon (Raid)
(ホウオウモン Hououmon)
Phoenixmon (Raid).png
Form: Mega
Attribute: Vaccine: strong against Virus - weak against Data Vaccine
Elemental Attribute: Fire: is strong against Ice (× 25) - weak against Water (× -25) - somewhat strong against Fire (× 10) Fire
Attacker Type: Short Attacker
Type: Holy Beast Digimon
Families: Wind Guardians Icon.png Wind Guardians
Virus Busters Icon.png Virus Busters
Location: Uprising Flame (Instance Dungeon)

Hououmon is a Holy Beast Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Hō-ō. It is a holy Digimon that possesses four wings that shine gold. It is the head of all Bird Digimon, and is said to be the one that supervises Holy-species Digimon. While MagnaDramon is the ultimate form of Beast Digimon, Phoenixmon is the ultimate form of Bird Digimon. It wears Holy Rings around its ankles, and it is understood that the power possessed by Phoenixmon is unfathomable.



  • This raid has about 6,000,000 HP.
  • This raid has 3 AoE skills. It will keep switching between the three until it dies. Each skill has its own timer: 20, 30, and 45 seconds. The boss will use skills depend on the timer.
  • The first flame skill deals 5,000 damage. This skill will be used every 20 seconds from the start of the battle until the raid is defeated.
  • The second purple light skill does not deal damage, instead, it inflicts 1-3 random debuffs on everyone close to the raid. This skill will be used every 30 seconds from 79% HP until the raid is defeated.
  • The third skill summons 3 different pets, each pets are responsible for their own respective Debuff. This skill will be used every 45 seconds from 79% HP until the raid is defeated.
Biyomon Icon.png (Degeneration) Piyomon - Degeneration Debuff.png Degeneration Debuff
Hawkmon Icon.png (Return) Hawkmon - Return Debuff.png Return Debuff
Patamon Icon.png (Silence) Patamon - Silence Debuff.png Silence Debuff
  • In order to get rid of the pet's debuffs, you need to kill the pet with the debuff name you want to get rid of.
  • Note: The person who got the debuff has to be the one who kills that pet. If anyone else kills the pet for you, the debuff will not be removed.
  • The AoE skill also gives you a debuff called "3rd-Degree Burn Debuff".


This is the first tough raid inside this dungeon. In order to succeed in killing it, the party members have to be very familiar with the Debuff System and how the pet's debuffs work. It requires a tanker with at least 20,000 of HP and a high AT, and a healer, who should be very fast and smart to heal. It is possible to heal the tanker with 2x Regenerative Ability [High], but the more you have, the easier it will be (Hand Of Healing and other healing skills are not recommended, except for Tree of Life). Two hitters are also required, and they are required to have high skill damage. A ring with 2 Skill options and a Necklace with 1 Skill option are very welcomed.

First of all, the members have to decide what role they will take. In addition, it is good for each hitter to decide which 1 of the specific pet they will be responsible of, one kills Patamon, and the other kills Biyomon. Metal Garurumon is commonly used as a main tanking digimon for this raid, as he has a high dps (damage per second), and has an advantage against Phoenixmon, and is able to get evasion to atleast 140% + , also is easier to heal by evolving/devolving. The tanker will also be tasked to kill Hawkmon by himself. However, since the special skill of Phoenixmon will apply random pet's debuffs on the tanker, depending on the circumstances, the hitters may ignore the pets and keep focusing on Phoenixmon. It is recommended for the hitters to be using Examon, because of his long range skills, so they will not need to get close to Phoenix and be risked of getting debuffs, another choice for hitters, would be Magna Garurumon, as he has two usable and powerful skills, but he is less recommended, as the skills do not have max range on them, so the skills will need to be timed correctly. The tanker must kill the pets to get rid of the debuffs, so for an example:

Hitter 1 kills Patamon. Hitter 2 kills Biyomon. The tanker got Patamon's debuff. In this case, the Hitter 1 will ignore Patamon pet, because the tanker must kill it to get rid of the debuff. So Hitter 1 can keep using skills on Phoenixmon raid. If the tanker got all the 3 debuffs, the hitters won't kill any pet.

  • Note: the debuff disappear by killing only 1 of the corresponding pet. So in case of a huge wave of pets, with 2~3 of each, the tanker will kill only one if he/she needs to remove the debuffs and the hitters must kill the rest.
  • Note 2: it is important that the tanker should only kill Hawkmon pet if he/she got the Return Debuff. If you didn't get it, just leave Hawkmon hitting you. The special Phoenixmon's skill is totally random, so you never know when you're gonna get Return Debuff. However, if the number of Hawkmons pass 3~4, hitters must kill them and leave only 1~2.

Regenerative Ability [High] is recommended for the healer. Since the Burn debuff will be applied to tanker, which doubles the damage of the skill to 10,000. That way, In addition, the healer must be careful to not be attacked by any pets. (Remember to hit before the raid dies if you are a healer).

  • The tanker may use Battle Tags to switch to a Digimon which will receive debuffs and skill damage. When that Digimon is switched out it will heal itself and remove the debuffs, so healers aren't required in this case.
  • This raid has a 7 minutes limit to die after being attacked. If the party didn't manage to kill it within the time limit, everyone hitting it will be automatically dead. That's why the hitters must have skill options on their accessories.


Four Holy Beast Dungeon Box.png Chest of Flame (Phoenixmon):

3x Evoluter.png Evoluter
5x Miracle Fruit.png Miracle Fruit (Tradeable)
5x Fruit of the Goddess.png Fruit of the Goddess (Tradeable)
Attribute Booster.png Attribute EXP Booster [1 Day] (Tradeable)
5x PSilk Jump Booster.png Jump Booster [All Area] (Tradeable)
Amazing Digitary Power Stone.png Amazing Digitary Power Stone (+10%)
Amazing Renewal Increase Stone.png Amazing Renewal Increase Stone (+5)
10x Flame Feather of Zhuqiaomon.png Flame Feather of Zhuqiaomon
5x Glow Feather of Zhuqiaomon .png Glow Feather of Zhuqiaomon
5x Ember Feather of Zhuqiaomon.png Ember Feather of Zhuqiaomon
Crystal Red.png Crystal [Uprising Flame] [AT] +50% (2 hours)
Crystal Red.png Crystal [Uprising Flame] [HP] +50% (2 hours)
Crystal Red.png Crystal [Uprising Flame] [DS] +50% (2 hours)
Crystal Blue.png Crystal [Uprising Flame] [EXP] +1000% (2 hours)
Chipset Box.png Chipset Box [HT] R9
Chipset Box.png Chipset Box [CT] R9
Chipset Box.png Chipset Box [AT] R9
Earring of Zhuqiamon.png Earring of Sealed Zhuqiaomon

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