Partner Digimon Burst Mode Quests

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Burst Mode is an additional evolution, superior to Mega level, that is already unlocked in all 4 starting Partner Digimon - Agumon, Gaomon, Lalamon, and Falcomon. While most Digimon capable of Burst Mode can attain it with specific items starting from level 65, Partner Digimon must complete a series of quests after reaching level 70. Below, find a listing of the quests involved and their requirements.

Part 1

First, Tamers must find BanchouLeomon in the Infinite Ice Wall map of the Glacier area wandering amongst the SabreLeomon and GizumonAT to receive and turn in all quests. He can not be found using the Find function. Although the quest line is continuous, this group of quests has slightly different mechanics than the later quests. These initial "Test Your Skills" quests are all standard kill quests. The table below lists some relevant information.

Title Location Target Number
Test Your Skills 1 Infinite Ice Wall
  • 10
  • 8
  • 10
  • 8
Test Your Skills 2 Infinite Ice Wall
  • 15
  • 10
Test Your Skills 3 Infinite Ice Wall
  • 15
  • 10
Meaning of Banchou Infinite Ice Wall Speak to BanchouLeomon
It's Not Time Yet Infinite Ice Wall Speak to BanchouLeomon

Part 2

This second set of quests involve going to a map and killing a certain type of digimon until the Boss Digimon of that type appears on the map. After killing some standard digimon, a countdown should appear at the top right of the screen, next to the minimap. This signifies the number of kills (usually around 50) of that specific monster (not including Leaders) before the Boss Digimon will appear. The table below displays relevant information, including how many Boss monsters spawn on the map at a time because some quests require more Boss Digimon than appear at one time, necessitating a second round.

Title Location Target # Boss Spawn
Ruler of the Flame Dark Tower Wasteland 1x SkullMeramon (Ruler of the Flame) 3
Tyrant of Darkness Frozen Ground 1x Okuwamon (Tyrant of Darkness) 3
Clairvoyant of Darkness Snowman Village 1x Mammothmon (Clairvoyant of Darkness) 2
King of Digimon Distorted Data Village 1x MetalEtamon (King of Digimon) 2
Army Defector Distorted Data Village 1x Vikemon (Army Defector) 2
Dangers of Ice Glacier Infinite Ice Wall 1x Gryphonmon (Guardian of Ruin)

1x SkullGreymon (Outlaw Immortal)



Stop the Digimon Destroyers Infinite Ice Wall 1x Gizumon AT (Digimon Destroyer) 3
Final Burst Mode! Infinite Ice Wall 1x Gizumon XT (Digimon Destroyer) 2

Notes and Tips

On the "Ruler of the Flame" quest, Tamers who find defeating SkullMeramon (Ruler of the Flame) in a rookie stage too difficult can try luring the Boss Digimon outside of the effect area of the Central Dark Tower, enabling them to digivolve again.

The Gizumon XT in "Final Burst Mode!" will show up when 2 rounds of Gizumon AT (Digimon Destroyer) bosses have been defeated. Therefore, it is advisable to continue on the same channel when completing "Stop the Digimon Destroyers" and "Final Burst Mode!", as the countdown from one quest will assist with the next.

It can be helpful to visit all channels upon entering a map to check if the countdown has begun or a Boss Digimon has already appeared. This can especially save a lot of time when dealing with quests