November 25th, 2014 Patch

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• Digi-egg evolution digimons are added. (November 25, 2014 to December 09. 2014)

Do not miss the 2 weeks chance to buy Digi-egg evolution package!

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  • Event Period: November 25 ~ December 9, 2014

• Digi-egg evolution stats up!

The stats of the newly added Shurimon, Yaksamon, Flybeemon, and Gargomon are increased according to the Digi-egg evolution digimons stats increase event.

(Stats are increased during the 2 weeks for new Digi-egg evolution digimons.)


  • Basic attack increased by 50%
  • Skill attack increased by 50%
  • DS used during skills is decreased by 50%
  • Defense increased by 50%
  • Event period: November 25 ~ December 23

• Attendance and connection reward event

A Thanksgiving Day item is given to tamers who log in during the event period.

[Rewards Item]

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[Items exchangeable for coin]

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  • Event items cannot be exchanged.
  • The hatch backup disk piece can be traded to Dats Center Yaksamon NPC
  • The event coins can be traded to Dats Center Shurimon NPC
  • The Thanksgiving Day Turkey item provides 1000% EXP for 30 minutes.

• Happy Thanks Giving Day!

Hunt the evil Digimons throughout the whole Digital World to collect and bring barley and sausages to receive grand items. 20 tamers with the most barley, which can be traded for barley beverages, and 60 tamers (10 tamer per server) with more than 1 barley beverage will be selected from each server and will receive prizes.

[Exchange information]

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[Thanks giving day gift box item]

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[Gifts for having barley beverages]

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  • You need to exchange the event items (Barley) to Barley beverages from Gargomon NPC at the Dats Center to qualify for the event.
  • Having more barley beverages will increase the chances of winning at the Barley Drink Consolation Prize.
  • If you want to be a consolation winner you should have at least 1pc of Barley beverage.

• Delicious Thanks Giving Day foods

Buy and use delicious Thanks Giving Day food items from Flybeemon NPC!

You can buy Thanksgiving Day items at the Dats Center and Starting Village.

[Thanks Giving Day food items]

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  • You can buy event items from Flybeemon NPC at the Dats Center.
  • When using the items, the same options cannot be overlapped. Different options can be overlapped.

• <Beverage> vending machine Black Friday!

<Beverage> vending machine sells its items at half price from November 25 to December 23 before the server maintenance.

• Additional event for the new tamers

Create a new tamer during the event and get items

[Rewards Item]

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  • Event items cannot be traded.

• It is finally here! Level Up Reinforcement Event!

1. 20 tamers who evolve more than 2 kinds of digimons, into Shurimon, Yaksamon, Gargomon, or Flybeemon, and completed a total of 60 power-ups, 15 power-ups for 2 stats regardless of the stats (AT, BL, CT, EV) of the evolved digimons, will be selected from each server and will receive items.

2. 20 tamers who evolve digimons into all 4 kinds of Shurimon, Yaksamon, Gargomon, and Flybeemon and completed a total of 60 power-ups, 15 power-ups for 1 stat regardless of the stats (AT, BL, CT, EV) of the evolved digimons, will be selected from each server and will receive items.

Event prize: 1x Definite Level 5 Digi-egg, 1x Miracle ring [Special] (5 additional options), 1x Digimon Archive

List of obtainable digimons when scanning Definite Level 5 Digi-egg (All Level 5 / Champion)

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  • All of Event items cannot be exchanged.
  • Users who completed power-ups are included in the lottery and must maintain the power-up values until the end of the event.

(Power-up 15 times and changing it during the event period is acceptable but users who change the value for the 15 power-up on the day the user data is extracted will be exempted from the lottery.)

  • 20 users per server will be selected.
  • The Miracle Ring Special is given 5 random additional options when scanned.

• Thanks Giving Day EXP Event

Users will receive 200% EXP boost every weekdays and 300% EXP boost every weekends during the event period.

• December Achievement Event

Game Update

• Halloween event has ended
• Thanksgivings day event have started (11/25 ~ 12/23)

• Fixes:
Some of Tanemon evolution line is not showing in Encyclopedia issue has been fixed
Input the wrong ID/PW – Client shutdown issue has been fixed
String of Silphymon has been revised
Character OA, OV, OY become CA, CV, CY issue has been fixed

• Keyboard movement system has been added (W, A, S, D)
• Leading character change system has been added (Tamer or Digimon)