November 20, 2012 Patch

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Happy Thanksgiving, Nov. 20th 2012

General Info

Happy Thanksgiving was the Thanksgiving patch introduced on November 20th, 2012. It removed the Happy Halloween update, and introduced new NPCs, new Digimon, new quests, new items and new events. It ran until December 18th, 2012. Joymax updated it from the 11th to the 18th without notifying.

Newly Added

Mercenary Digimon

Armageddemon Icon.png Armageddemon (Burst Mode)
Omnimon Icon.png Omnimon


Turkey Thigh.png Turkey Thigh Random drop from all Digimon
Surprise Box.png Surprise Box Purchase with Turkey Thigh × 300
Thanksgiving Coin.png Thanksgiving Coin Each day after 30 minutes of being logged in
Cooked Turkey.png Cooked Turkey Each day after 1 hour of being logged in
Piece of Evoluter.png Piece of Evoluter (× 5 = Evoluter.png Evoluter) - Each day after 3 hours of being logged in
Rabbit Box.png Rabbit Box Kill Antylamon (Deva) (random roaming event Digimon)
Black Tentacle.png Black Tentacle (Armageddemon Burst Mode) - Cash shop purchase
Jogress Chip.png Jogress Chip (Omnimon - Cash shop purchase/very rare random drop


Biyomon Icon.png DATS Center Biyomon (NPC)
Calumon Icon.png DATS Center Calumon (NPC)
Omnimon Icon.png DATS Center Omegamon (NPC)

Quests and Events

Black Friday Super Sale!

Don't miss your chance to purchase all cash items in Digimon Masters at a 30% discount!

Thanks Giving Day!

Login each day for 3 hours and receive items at 30 minutes, 1 hour and 3 hours! After being logged in for 30 minutes you get a Thanksgiving Coin. After being logged in for 1 hour you get a Cooked Turkey (100% exp increase for 30 minutes). After being logged in for 3 hours you get a Piece of Evoluter.

Strike! Double!! Turkey!?!

Defeat enemy Digimon, collect Turkey Thighs and get your Thanksgiving Day Surprise Boxes! A variety of items await you in these boxes.

Rabbit Hunt!

Catch the Antylamon (Deva) that appear throughout the Digital World! Antylamon (Deva), when hunted, randomly drop Rabbit Boxes. Use them to obtain rewards.

EXP Special Event Continues!

You will gain 100% and 200% extra EXP. on weekdays and weekends respectively, during the special event period!

What Do We Need? Speed!!!

During the special event, basic movement speed increases by 30%.

The Victory Road

By server, 20 Tamers who succesfully evolve Jogress first receive the Victory Road achievement.

Meet the all-new Omnimon!

New players or returning players can obtain an Agumon (Classic) Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg, an essential ingredient in Omnimon combination! Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to create the ultimate Digimon, Omnimon!

All players receive:

Item name Effects
Amplification Booster.png Amplification Booster +200% × 10 200% EXP bonus for 30 minutes
Jump Booster.png Jump Booster (Yokohoma Area) × 20 Instant teleport to any Yokohoma area
Jump Booster.png Jump Booster (Western Village) × 20 Instant teleport to any Western Village area
Evoluter.png Evoluter × 3 Extends Digimon evolution slots
Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg.png Agumon (Classic) Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg Contains a stage 4 or 5 Agumon (Classic)

Patch Notes

Hello. This is Digimon Masters.

In order to maintain a pleasant gaming and smooth patching experience, weekly server inspection of all servers has been completed.

Time of Completion: November 13, 2012 19:00 Joymax Standard Time

[Game Update]

• Happy Thanks Giving Day! Event has begun

Black Friday Super Sale!
Thanks Giving day!
Strike! Double!! Turkey!?!
Rabbit Hunt!
EXP Special Event continues!
What do we need? SPEED!!!
The Victory Road
Meet the All-New Omnimon!

• October Achievement Event has ended and November Achievement Event has begun

• Digimon Masters Halloween Event has ended

Halloween Party with Demidevimon [Myotismon]!
Spend your halloween with digimon!
Trick or Treat!
Halloween Halloween!

• Jogress Evolution System has been applied (Agumon + Gabumon = Omnimon)

• New cash item has been added (Jogress evolution chip & Black Tentacle for Keramon's Burst mode)

• fatigue will recover upon riding a Digimon (Mega Ride mode only)

• BackupDisk has become droppable on Cards (Total 34 kinds)

• Stackable Inventory limit for Items below has been increased

monster card stackable to X20
Data stackableto x100
Cash egg stackable to x10,
Mercenary stackable to eggsx 10
Low ~ high drop egg stackable to x 20

Myotismon is now droppable on the field

• Chances of getting 4/5 and 5/5 will be increased upon purchasing Agumon (Classic) Mercenary DigiEgg from the Cash Shop

• Chances of getting 4/5 and 5/5 will be increased upon purchasing Gabumon Mercenary DigiEgg from the Cash Shop

• Halloween concept effect on DATS Center will be removed

• GM event “Digital Race" has begun.

[Web Update]

• none