Mystery Mercenary DigiEgg - Beta

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Mystery Mercenary DigiEgg - Beta.png Mystery Mercenary DigiEgg - Beta

Digimons that may be obtained by scanning it are:
Armadillomon Icon.png Armadillomon (Jogress)
Baihumon (Champion) Icon.png Baihumon
Bearmon Icon.png Bearmon
BlackAgumon Icon.png BlackAgumon [Millenniumon]
BlackGabumon Icon.png BlackGabumon
Deputymon Icon.png Deputymon
DemiDevimon Icon.png DemiDevimon [Bakemon]
DemiMeramon Icon.png DemiMeramon
Dobermon Icon.png Dobermon
Dorumon Icon.png Dorumon (DexDorugamon)
Dorumon Icon.png Dorumon (ReptileDramon)
Drimogemon Icon.png Drimogemon
Elecmon Icon.png Elecmon
FanBeemon Icon.png FanBeemon
Gizumon AT Icon.png Gizumon AT
Gomamon Icon.png Gomamon
Gotsumon Icon.png Gotsumon
Guilmon Icon.png Guilmon
Hagurumon Icon.png Hagurumon (Guardromon)
Hawkmon Icon.png Hawkmon
Hawkmon Icon.png Hawkmon (Jogress)
Impmon Icon.png Impmon
Keramon Icon.png Keramon
Kiwimon Icon.png Kiwimon
Kotemon Icon.png Kotemon (Gladimon)
Kotemon Icon.png Kotemon (Musyamon)
Mushroomon Icon.png Mushroomon
Palmon Icon.png Palmon (Togemon)
Patamon Icon.png Patamon
PawnChessmon (White) Icon.png PawnChessmon (White)
Psychemon Icon.png Psychemon
Renamon Icon.png Renamon
Ryuudamon Icon.png Ryudamon
Salamon Icon.png Salamon
Salamon Icon.png Salamon (Jogress)
Swimmon Icon.png Swimmon
Tanemon Icon.png Tanemon
ToyAgumon (Rookie) Icon.png ToyAgumon
Tsukaimon Icon.png Tsukaimon [Barbamon]
Tsukaimon Icon.png Tsukaimon [Murmukusmon]
Veemon Icon.png Veemon (Exveemon)
Wormmon Icon.png Wormmon
Zhuqiaomon (Champion) Icon.png Zhuqiaomon