Mystery Extra Mercenary Digi-Egg

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Mystery Extra Mercenary Digi-Egg.png Mystery Extra Mercenary Digi-Egg (Event)

Digimons that may be obtained by scanning it are:
Elecmon Icon.png Elecmon Only available in gDMO!
Gizumon AT Icon.png Gizumon AT Only available in the Digimon Masters - Korean Version!
Tanemon Icon.png Tanemon
Kamemon Icon.png Kamemon
PawnChessmon (White) Icon.png PawnChessmon (White)
PawnChessmon (Black) Icon.png PawnChessmon (Black)
Kudamon Icon.png Kudamon

All those eggs are 100% Phase 3.

Only available in gDMO! Kudamon egg (this one is a reinforced mystery egg who becomes reinforced phase 3, 4 or 5).