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(マッシュモン Mushmon)
HK Name: (蘑菇獸)
TDMO: (มัชชูมอน)
KDMO: (머슈몬)

Form: Rookie
Attribute: Virus: strong against Data - weak against Vaccine Virus
Elemental Attribute: Wood: is strong against Land (× 25) - weak against Wind (× -25) - somewhat strong against Wood (× 10) Wood
Attacker Type: Short Attacker
Type: Plant Digimon
Families: Wind Guardians Icon.png Wind Guardians
Jungle Troopers Icon.png Jungle Troopers
Digivolves to: Woodmon
Location: Western Village
Silver Lake
Versandi Terminal
Shinjuku East Area (Night)
Can be ridden No
Can be hatched Yes
Data needed / amount: Plant / 5
Available: Yes

Mushroomon is a Vegetation Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mushroom. It is a tiny Digimon in the shape of a poisonous mushroom. It grows tiny mushroom bombs, powerful with toxins that induce every affliction, out of its body. If one gets hit with these mushroom bombs, they become unable to stop laughing, their body becomes completely paralyzed, all of their memories until now vanish, and they start showing various symptoms. As its personality is extremely ill-tempered, it loves to bully the weak, but it has a shy side, and always conceals half of its face.

Mushroomon was added as a Mercenary Digimon to ' NA DMO (formerly known as GDMO) ' with the September 11th, 2012.


Mushroomon Icon.pngLv. 11 Woodmon Icon.png Lv. 25 Argomon (Ultimate) Icon.png Lv. 41 Argomon (Mega) Icon.png

Default Stats

Exclamation Mark.png Note: Approximate statistics with 140% size and level 120

Digimon Status.png

DGStats.png Digimon Stats Base
HP.png Health Points 1073 440
DS.png Digi-Soul 579 170
AT.png Attack 251 139
AS.png Attack Speed 2
CT.png Critical Hit 19.83% 5.7%
HT.png Hit Rate 440
DE.png Defense 33 14
EV.png Evade 24.3%
  • Base Value = Official stats at 100% size and level 1

Drop Locations

Digimon Where found Levels
Mushroomon Western Village Levels: 11-15
Mushroomon Silver Lake Levels: 47-49
Woodmon Western Village Levels: 11-15
Argomon (Ultimate) File Island Waterfront Levels: 88-90
Mushroomon Versandi Terminal Levels: 98 - 100


Skill Status.png
Rough Smash Wood Wood attribute 7 seconds cooldown 28 DS consumed 2 skill points per upgrade 2.3 seconds animation
  Throws a small mushroom that causes an addictive symptom to the enemy for a set period of time.
Poison Smash Wood Wood attribute 11 seconds cooldown 40 DS consumed 3 skill points per upgrade 3.3 seconds animation
Sprays small mushroom bombs on the body on the enemy to cause paralysis or an addictive symptom for a set period of time.
Attack Lv.1 Lv.2 Lv.3 Lv.4 Lv.5 Lv.6 Lv.7 Lv.8 Lv.9 Lv.10 Lv.11 Lv.12 Lv.13 Lv.14 Lv.15 Lv.16 Lv.17 Lv.18 Lv.19 Lv.20 Lv.21 Lv.22 Lv.23 Lv.24 Lv.25
Rough Smash.png Rough Smash 680 713 746 779 812 845 878 911 944 977 1010 1043 1076 1109 1142 1175 1208 1241 1274 1307 1340 1373 1406 1439 1472
Poison Smash.png Poison Smash 1067 1111 1155 1199 1243 1287 1331 1375 1419 1463 1507 1551 1595 1639 1683 1727 1771 1815 1859 1903 1947 1991 2035 2079 2123


A small vegetation Digimon in the form of a poisonous mushroom. There are small mushroom bombs on the body of the Mushmon, and getting hit by a mushroom bomb leads to various addictive symptoms such as paralysis or memory loss.

Mushroomon Hatch.png

Known drops

Western Village

  • Currency Bit.png29-30
  • DigiEgg (for return).png DigiEgg (for return) Class1
  • Plant DigiEgg Low Class.png Plant DigiEgg Rank1/Low Class
  • Plant DigiEgg Normal Class.png Plant DigiEgg Rank1/DATA
  • Monster Card Lv2.png Monster Card Lv2