Miki Kurosaki's Errand

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Miki Kurosaki
Miki Kurosaki.png
Miki Kurosaki's Errand
Quest Type Main Quest
Tamer Level 1
Given by Sarah Damon
at Yokohama Village
Rewarded by Miki Kurosaki
at Yokohama Village
DATA Scan DigiEggs are divided into digimon types such as dragon type, beast type, insect type, ore type, plant type, bird type, devil type, etc.
Will you get this back to Miki Kurosaki?
You will find Miki Kurosaki by going down this steep road, at the parking lot on your left.
There are vicious Drimogemon on the way, so be careful...
Relay Dragon DigiEgg Dragon DigiEgg (Quest).png to Miki Kurosaki.

Tamer Exp: 50
Digimon Exp: 505
Misc. Info
This quest will only be available after completing 'Rookie Requirements 2' quest.
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