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Form: Champion

Data: strong against Vaccine - weak against Virus Data

Elemental Attribute: Land: is strong against Wind (× 25) - weak against Wood (× -25) - somewhat strong against Land(× 10) Land
Attacker Type: Quick Attacker
Type: Demon Beast Digimon
Family: Nature Spirits Icon.png Nature Spirits
Digivolved from: Salamon
Digivolves to: Beastmon
Can be ridden No
Can be hatched No
Available: Yes

Mikemon is a never-before-seen calico cat-like Beast Digimon. It is said that the data of Nyaromon slept within its body through the Child phase, but re-manifested as an Adult. However, because it is not a Holy Beast, it does not wear a "Holy Ring". As it is a very intelligent Digimon, it is usually calm and docile, but when it comes to battle it makes sport of the enemy with its nimble movements, and fights using its specialty martial arts. Its Signature Move is striking with its hardened paws (Nikukyū Punch). Its Special Move is scratching with its sharpened claws (Neko Claw).

Mikemon was added to Korean Digimon Masters on July 3, 2013.

Mikemon was added as a Mercenary Digimon to gDMO with the January 26th, 2016 Patch.


Salamon Icon.pngLv. 11 Mikemon Icon.png Lv. 25 Beastmon Icon.png Lv. 41 Laylamon Icon.png

Default Stats

DGStats.png Digimon Stats
HP.png Health Points 710
DS.png Digi-Soul 278
AT.png Attack 128
AS.png Attack Speed 2
CT.png Critical Hit 4%
HT.png Hit Rate 0
DE.png Defense 11
EV.png Evade 21%


Neko Claw Land Land attribute 3 seconds cooldown 16 DS consumed Learned at Lv. 11
  Slash an enemy with sharp claws
Paw Punch Land Land attribute 4 seconds cooldown 32 DS consumed Learned at Lv. 16
Smash an enemy with palm

Attack Atk Lv. 1 Atk Lv. 2 Atk Lv. 3 Atk Lv. 4 Atk Lv. 5 Atk Lv. 6 Atk Lv. 7 Atk Lv. 8
Neko Claw.png Neko Claw 267 277 287 297 307 317 327 337
Paw Punch.png Paw Punch 550 567 584 601 618 635 652 669