Menacing power of Dark Lord

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Menacing power of Dark Lord
Quest Type Daily Quest
Tamer Level 1
Given by Dunasmon
at DATS Center
Rewarded by Dunasmon
at DATS Center
I gave you "the Shard of Greed".

It contains the part of Balbamon's power.
Once you experience that power, you can also feel his energe. I'm tracing him by sensing his power.
Tamer... Use the shard and feel his power.

Defeat Barbarmon X after using the Shard of Greed in D-Terminal Underground Summon Square

Tamer Exp: 10000
Digimon Exp: 100000
Bits: 5 Currency Mega.png
Item(s): 1 Box of Greed
Misc. Info
This quest will only be available after completing the 'Barbarmon, the Lord of Greed' quest.