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(メディーバルデュークモン MedievalDukemon)
Rank: SS+
Unlocked at level: 41
Form: Mega X
Attribute: Data: strong against Vaccine - weak against Virus Data
Elemental Attribute: Wind: is strong against Wood (× 25) - weak against Land (× -25) - somewhat strong against Wind (× 10) Wind
Attacker Type: Short Attacker
Type: Warrior Digimon
Family: Virus Busters Icon.png Virus Busters
Digivolved from: Gallantmon X
Can be ridden Yes
Can be hatched No
Available: Yes

MedievalGallantmon is a Warrior Digimon and a carrier of the X Antibody. In "Witchelny", it is praised as the "Legendary Hero", as it suddenly appeared and drove out the foreign invaders in ancient times, and although it's not certain, it is said that it transcends time and is still in existence. It battles using armor made by Sorcery, it holds the alias of "Whirlwind General" due to it governing the "Vortex Warriors", and it possesses the mightiest magical lance, "Dynas", which conceals the power of the wyvern. Although there are almost none who have seen its form in the "Digital World", it is called the "Warrior of Fantasy" there, as gaudy ornamentation is applied to the armor over its whole body, and a coat of arms is affixed to its solemn form.

MedievalGallantmon was added to Korean Digimon Masters on July 21st, 2021.
MedievalGallantmon was added as a Mercenary Digimon to gDMO with the July 27th, 2021.


Guilmon Icon.pngLv. 11 Growlmon Icon.png Lv. 25 WarGrowlmon Icon.png Lv. 41 Gallantmon Icon.png Lv. 65 Gallantmon (Crimson Mode) Icon.png This is a Burst Mode form, rather than a Side Mega form(with Gungnir.png Gungnir)
Guilmon X Icon.pngLv. 11Growlmon X Icon.png Lv. 25 WarGrowlmon X Icon.png Lv. 41 Gallantmon X Icon.png
Lv. 41 MedievalDukemon Icon.png (with File:MedievalDukemon X-Antibody Factor.png MedievalDukemon X-Antibody Factor)

Default Stats

Exclamation Mark.png Note: Approximate statistics with 140% size and level 120

Digimon Status.png

DGStats.png Digimon Stats Base
HP.png Health Points 8726 5580
DS.png Digi-Soul 3038 2220
AT.png Attack 3988 2767
AS.png Attack Speed 2.5
CT.png Critical Hit 29.07% 12.3%
HT.png Hit Rate 450
DE.png Defense 277 178
EV.png Evade 57%
  • Base Value = Official stats at 100% size and level 1
  • AR = 300


Skill Status.png
Dynas Wind Wind attribute 4 seconds cooldown 320 DS consumed 2 skill points per upgrade ~4.0 seconds animation
  Attacks the enemy by swinging "Dynas", the strongest magical lance that contains the power of the wyvern.
Rage of Wyvern Wind Wind attribute 11 seconds cooldown 782 DS consumed 3 skill points per upgrade ~4.5 seconds animation
Fires an energy blast in the shape of a wyvern at the enemy from the crystal tip of "Dynas".
Final Crest Wind Wind attribute 27 seconds cooldown 1919 DS consumed 3 skill points per upgrade ~3.6 seconds animation
Fires a sharp, knife-like gust of wind to attack the enemy.

Attack Lv.1 Lv.2 Lv.3 Lv.4 Lv.5 Lv.6 Lv.7 Lv.8 Lv.9 Lv.10 Lv.11 Lv.12 Lv.13 Lv.14 Lv.15 Lv.16 Lv.17 Lv.18 Lv.19 Lv.20 Lv.21 Lv.22 Lv.23 Lv.24 Lv.25
Dynas.png Dynas 9930 10045 10160 10275 10390 10505 10620 10735 10850 10965 11080 11195 11310 11425 11540 11655 11770 11885 12000 12115 12230 12345 12460 12575 12690
Rage of Wyvern.png Rage of Wyvern 24273 24553 24833 25113 25393 25673 25953 26233 26513 26793 27073 27353 27633 27913 28193 28473 28753 29033 29313 29593 29873 30153 30433 30713 30993
Final Crest.png Final Crest 48501 49435 50369 51303 52237 53171 54105 55039 55973 56907 57841 58775 59709 60643 61577 62511 63445 64379 65313 66247 67181 68115 69049 69983 70917



  • Very high attack (the highest of all Mega X).
  • Very high critical chance (easily go beyond 200% at level 15 clone).
  • Insanely high evasion (reaching almost 400% at perfect level 15 clone, allowing him to dodge hit from end game bosses).
  • Can stack a full effect of Peak of X-Evolution buff.


  • Locked behind a 1% loot box.
  • Requires the entire X-evolution line of Guilmon, including Gallantmon X, a loot box jackpot in and of itself.
  • Awkward F3 cooldown (not high enough to take full advantage of the "Fusion to evolve into the higher" Deck Buff, and also not low enough to be spam-able).
  • Has his usefulness limited against late game bosses due to below average HP.
  • Slow attack speed.
  • Slow skill animation.
  • Requires Peak of X-Evolution in order to access full potential (a loot box exclusive buff).