May 27th, 2014 Patch

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• Digi-egg evolution digimons are added. Do not miss the 2 weeks chance to buy Digi-egg evolution package!

We will give Digi-Egg Slot Expansion item to the 100 randomly selected players among those who buy Digi-Egg Evolution Package during the event.



- Event Period: May 27 ~ June 10

- Notice about the event items distribution will be announced after the end of the event.

• Just access and get gifts!

During the event, you will get items if you play the game for a specific time.



- All the event items are not tradable.


Since June 3rd, the required time for the last item was increased to 2 hours.

• Complete digi-egg evolution achievement.

Players can get the event achievement and the title by completing 4 digi-egg evolution during the event! Armor4.jpg


- A digimon's evolution slot can be expanded by a digi-egg evolution item.




- Prize winners will be announced after the event ends at June 24.

- In Dark Tower Wasteland's evolution limiting area, no digimon aside from digi-egg evolution digimons can evolve.

- (Worn) digi-eggs may fail to evolve a digimon.

• Defeat SkullGreymon!

Due to Digimon Kaiser's evolution experiment failure, SkullGreymon appears at the digital world. Defeat fierce SkullGreymon and keep the digital world peaceful!




- You can get <SkullGreymon's bone fragment> if you win at least 50 ranking for dealing damage to SkullGreymon.

- SkullGreymon is a raid monster that uses Area of Effect Skill.

- It appears randomly at one of Oil Refinery Area 1, Western Town Suburb, and Blizzard Town. (It appears only at 0 channel.)

- You can check SkullGreymon's 'appearance' and 'defeat' by messages.

- Mystery Digimon Egg (Capsule evolution) can be broken

- Event process : Receive the quest from MudFrigimon in Dats > Kill the Skullgreymon which is Spawning randomly > Get SkullGreymon's Bone fregment > Finish and recieve rewards.

- MudFrigimon's Giftbox : you can receive it after quest

- Daily quest ( you can join the quest only once a day)

• Lucky Day Event with digi-egg evolution digimons!

Get <Miracle Sapphire> items by hunting monsters at all maps.



- You have a chance to get <Miracle Sapphire> items as loots while hunting monsters.

- If the great item <Miracle Sapphire I> is used, a notice message is sent to all the servers.

• Take a shot of the evolved forms of digi-egg evolution digimons!

the evolved forms of digi-egg evolution digimons are added! Take a shot of all the four updated digi-egg evolution digimons with friends and post it at <digi-egg evolution event> eventboard on Facebook! You must take the picture with your friends and the picture shall contain all the four digi-egg evolution digimons.



- If you don't write it according to the event entry form, you may be ruled out of the lottery.

- All 100 players, 5 teams(20 players) per each server, who post nice screenshots will be selected and given 1 digi-egg item of their choice

- One player can apply only once. If you post multiple screenshots, you will be disqualified.

- You can select one of the four digi-eggs that are Digi-Eggs of Courage, Love, Hope, and Light as rewards.

- Prize winners will be announced after the event ends at June 24.

• Enjoy the digital world with First Mercenary Digi-egg Package!

First Mercenary Digi-egg Package will be given to the tamers who visit the digital world for the first time



- It will be given once per account.

- Existing players can get it as well. (existing players can get First Mercenary Digi-egg Package once by creating a new tamer during the event.)

• EXP event with digi-egg evolution digimons.

Acquire 30% for movement speed on weekdays, 200% EXP on weekdays and 300% EXP on weekends during the event period.

• June Achievements Events

[Game Update]

•70% discount event has been ended
•May event has been ended
•June event have started
•Capsule Digivolution system has been added
•Capsule item has been added in the cash shop
   Digi-Egg of Courage, Digi-Egg of Love
   Digi-Egg of Hope
   Digi-Egg of Light
•Capsule digimon package has been added in the cash shop